Find Faith in the Battle

my favorite song right now?  Fix My Eyes | For King & Country

the chorus is beautiful.

Love like I’m not scared

Give when it’s not fair

Live life for another

Take time for a brother

Fight for the weak ones

Speak out for freedom

Find faith in the battle

Stand tall but above it all

Fix my eyes on You

On You

beautiful right!?

a couple verses this week:

We live in our bubble and it is very hard to see people through anyone else’s eyes other than our own. God wants us to love people which means we have to have a different point of view of people. He wants us to see people as He sees them. It will change the way you have relationships and so much more.

Paul had just been through an extremely hard time in his life and still came out of it undefeated. He’s telling the church here that it doesn’t matter what the outside world does to us, Jesus will ALWAYS take care of us. We can go through heart ache, be poor, beaten, rejected and so much more and STILL get through it with God.

We confuse conviction and condemnation quite a bit in the christian culture and I think Paul wrote this perfectly. When you are convicted you feel led to do the right thing, to forgiveness. When you are condemned you want to turn away and it doesnt lead you to God. Can you get mad when convicted? Yes. But conviction will still lead you to Jesus unless you choose to turn away from Him.

This wasn’t about money. We wasn’t going to give every christian a ton of money. He sacrificed so much for us. He became human and died on the cross so we could be rich in life, become saved, and be in heaven with Him.

God always provides. He wants us to pour out to others not ONLY to help them, but so He can pour into us again and again.

Love you!



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