our first

8 years ago I lost a little girl. We named her Kenzie Lybertie and I carried her for 4 months before I lost her. It was the hardest thing I had ever went through in my life. At that point I felt like such a failure as a woman, devastated that I couldn’t fix what was ‘wrong’ with me. I thankfully had people in my life praying, supporting and there for me or I think my life would be different today.

I can look back now on that day with sweetness, knowing my daughter is in heaven, knowing that NOTHING was wrong with me and Jesus had me that whole time. I have 3 of the most amazing kids on planet earth and 2 little ones in heaven and I count myself a very blessed mom for that. I never want to live through that pain EVER again, but im so thankful for the road I have traveled.

To all moms out there that have lost a little one: you are not alone, you are loved, there is nothing wrong with you, and your baby is with Jesus.

From my husband:
Don’t forget the Dads too. It was just as hard for me during that time that I couldn’t even talk about it for over a year with out tearing up while I talked about it. Loosing a little one is rough on both parents. I am so blessed to have the amazing wife that I have in Tavi Laine White and so blessed with the three beautiful kids that we have now and knowing that there are two waiting in heaven for the rest of the family. To all the fathers who have lost any kids your not alone either and God has you in his hands and will be there always to help you through the tough times no matter how hard it may get.


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