woah commitment slow your roll.  I used to be the most committed person in the whole world I think.  I was so afraid to disappoint that I showed up everywhere early and I never backed out of anything I said yes to.  It’s not only how I was raised, but I was also so afraid to disappoint that it was almost a crippling fear to me.

Well, then I went through real life. (ps, an orange tractor just drove past my house.. which is in town.. what?!)  I went through the disappointment of people missing things they said they would show up to, missed going to things because rides backed out, and just plain got told no about things that meant a lot to me.  I also had kids, which basically meant I had to be late to everything, always. I slowly stopped committing in my life, backing out last minute or just plain told people no as well.  I eventually did nothing, so of course this is something that God has been working with me lately.

I say yes. I go to things that I can go to, and if I know I can’t I tell them the truth.  I’m not perfect and I never ever ever ever EVER will be, but i’m getting better at opening my heart and my commitments to others.

here are some great verses from this week:

Tithe is such a touchy subject I think and I don’t even understand why.. I think you can look up christians and non-christians alike and they will all tell you that when you give, you receive so much more.  This is Paul talking to the church about how they should not going be giving, but they should take the money out at the first of the week every week instead of right before he comes.  One, this give God the first of your money which I think is important spiritually because you showing God that He is first in your life.  Two, this makes sure you don’t lose or spend that money as time goes on, which has happened to me a lot and then i’m struggling hardcore to make up for that money again.  I don’t know if it is mediatory or not to give tithe.. I think that will be something I definitely study in the future, but I can tell you that my family has personally reaped the rewards of tithing.  We are not late on bills, there has never been a bill we can’t pay and when we are struggling something always happens to get us back on track.  That is an awesome testament to the world we live in, because a lot of people are struggling out there.  SO, give, and do it first before anything else.. see what happens. 🙂

I think this is a beautiful verse to tell us how much we mean to God.  He is who enables us, He fills us with the Holy Spirit, He identifies us as His own, He guarantees everything He has promised us.  SO many awesome things God gives us.

Someone had did something bad in the church that Paul was writing to at the time and it must have been pretty bad because he basically got punished, but he repented, he knew that what he did was wrong so Paul is telling them to forgive and comfort him before he basically leaves.  People do bad things, and there definitely needs to be consequences for the those things, but once they have asked for forgiveness we need to forgive them and love them and comfort them, strengthen them, counseling, anything that will help and encourage that person.  That way they won’t leave.  They will see the love of Jesus..  We need to remember this part.

Preachers in this time where giving themselves all the credit for the good things that were happening and Paul told the church that basically the way you know that they are followers in Jesus is when they only give God the credit, because without Him we are inadequate. We need to remember we need Jesus always, we can NOT do this life on our own.

life is not easy, but this verse alone is a huge encouragement to how great God is! We are not crushed, we are not driven to despair, we are never abandoned by God and we are not destroyed.  sometimes we forget that God can take care of us when the world is gross, hateful, dark pit.  He can help you get through that depression, anxiety, loss, pain, anything.

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love you all! have a great week!


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