Summer days around the corner…

little known fact: I haven’t been making time for blogging

I love blogging.  Having bits of my life out there in the world to look back on one day intrigues me.  I want my kids to be on the internet one day and read about day when they were little.  That just makes me happy knowing that could happen one day.  On the other hand, daily life takes a toll on me.  between taking care of 3 little bits, maintaining a house, preparing, shopping for and cooking meals, doing bills and then every little event that happens throughout the week; I just don’t have time always to sit down for a half an hour to hour to write. SO, I will probably always post here, but I will probably not always be consistent.

so happy reading when it’s written!

highlight of the week:

My oldest came home from school a couple days ago with a WORM in her backpack!! Her and her friend had found one on the playground and pulled it in half (because she learned earthworms can be cut in half and grow their bodies back).  Somehow she got it into her backpack with no one noticing and then made it home with it.  She tried to sneak it outside, but I caught it.  Now her half of a worm is living in her flower pot outside.

the great adventures we have.


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