Family, Forgiveness and Small Groups

the past couple weeks have been overwhelming.

Getting used to balancing a baby, a toddler, a whole house and meals on top of school, homework, church, small groups and visits it has just become a juggling act!

First, My in-laws visited! My sis-in-law and her husband and my mother-in-law.  It was my sis and bro inlaws first time seeing baby boy and it ended up being such a fun visit.  We cooked and stayed up talking and went to the movies and just had ourselves a blast the whole time. I love when my day to day is interrupted with visits from people I love.  It makes the day just so much more fun!  On the other hand it means cleaning like a mad man for the week before they come, sleeping the day they leave and then re-cleaning for a week after they leave!  I’m not good at this!! When things pile up I get SO overwhelmed and ignore it until I have no more plates left!   BUT I have been actually trying.. which means I have been doing my dishes. lol.

What I also started was a weekly list! Monday through fridays.. Just to keep me going with motiations and goals. I have gotten more done in the past 3 weeks than I have in months and it was all about not doing too much every day. This is how a typical day list looks

  • Dishes
  • Clean kitchen
  • Pick up and sweep living room
  • Do & fold one load of laundry
  • Meals (b,l,d)
  • Tackle ONE ROOM. (So one day my bedroom, next day the girls, so on and so forth)

On mondays i usually make a ‘pick up day’ where i just collect dirty clothes, sweep and pick up things so the rest of my week could be that much easier.

I also joined a small group! We are reading the book

Power of a praying Wife by Stormie Omartian

check it out! It really makes you look at your husband in a different light and pray for him in specific areas where he will really need the prayers instead of just generally praying form him.   I seriously have just been loving it and I’m doing it with really great people that I think will be life long friends!


and forgiveness.. my last subject

this topic has just been popping up in my life for the past couple weeks and I thought I should write about it.

for the longest time forgiveness to me was a one time deal.  When I forgave someone it was done and that was it, but these past couple weeks i’m realizing as a human being that is just not how it works.  Forgiveness is a day to day struggle.   There are people in my life that I thought I had forgiven a long time ago, but still harbored bad feelings and I would get so mad every tome they showed up in my tomeline or someone mentioned it, but i have been trying to let some of those things go. Im not perfect and i have to talk to God a lot about some people, but now every time those certain people come up in my life i pray for that forgivness to released and i look at something good about them because you cant be mad at someone that you can see a nice quality in!! It doesnt mean you have to be ok with what they did to you in the past, but it dows mean you are leaving it to Jesus and the past so you (I mean I) can move on!


Now that im catching up on things maybe just maybe i can blog more. 🙂





the instagram mom

we all do it.

post only pictures of our house when it’s immaculately clean.

put the right shades on it, use the professional camera, open up the windows.

is this real life? maybe for some. The perfectly crafted kids bedroom with everything matching and all is white and grey.

for me? nope.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like if my house was completely clean.  Where I got to a day where not one thing in my house did not need to be swept or scrubbed.  We still have tubs downstairs to go through from a year and half ago or lets say 8 years ago when we started packing everything in tubs. I would love it if we were all a little bit more real with each other.  We showed the dirty dishes and the pile of clothes behind closed doors.  I know I would feel so much better about myself knowing there was someone else out there with a dirty house.

I don’t want to be an instagram mom.  I just want to be mom.

what about you?