Monsters, Toffee and pumping

Today I made valentines monsters for my oldest’s school party.  It was SO fun to do with her and in the end they looked so awesome, but I spent more money on them then I would normally do for valentines days.

vday monstersAs a mom I do feel pressure to do extravagant things when it comes to school.  Until I became a stay at home mom I wasn’t able to make it to things that happened during the school day because I worked at a school myself.  It was like a double whammy, because everyone knew me so I felt expected to make it, but I only had 2 days worth of personal time I was allowed to take off in a year which I saved for school concerts/performances.. so in other aspects where other parents where volunteering I was sending the expensive snacks to school and overdoing a craft or anything to make up for me not getting to be there.   I understand the how there are parents that are not there for their kids, which breaks my hearts, but that same pressure is put on the parents who are working hard so their kids can be able to do that sport or extracurricular activity.

The toffee part of this post in my favorite part.  Our church had a pie auction tonight and I won a toffee heart thats huge..  and yes, that’s bite marks where I have been eating on it during this post.. lol


It was a fun night that I got to talk with friendly people and it leads to my next part of the post!

PUMPING!! lol! yey!!!!


ok ok. So, I have issues with pumping, I can feed my son all day long, but I just don’t pump well. little than an ounce every time I try to pump and now that we have him on rice cereal that is what milk it goes towards.  While I was working I could pump MAYBE 4oz during the day.   I had drank beer, drank mother’s milk tea, bla bla bla, but nothing is happening! So my aunt is watching the kids over valentine’s day and I don’t have any milk for son so she asked another nursing mom at church and we got a couple bags of milk and she gave me some advice on how to get my production which i’m going to start tomorrow.

This part of mommy-hood I love! We should all be there for each other including this!  If I had leftover milk I would so help out another mom.  I know there are moms out there that can’t breastfeed, but want to and I wish I could somehow be there for them.  I have huge props for wet-nurses and I think that they are seriously heroes for some mom’s out there.  AND I understand bottle mom’s too! I had to bottle feed my oldest because I thought she was allergic to my milk and she was throwing up all the time and I was scared and then with my second I had some physical problems that happened that caused me to stop feeding her at 4 months. SO with our son I REALLY want to go until he is a year old! That’s my goal at least!

and now I just finished the the latest episode of switched-at-birth and it was heart breaking

nursing moms – what do you do to keep your supply up?

switched-at-birth fans – what did you think of that episode!!??

anyways.. enough with this jumbled post of crazy.

forgive me for the late night post

oh and here’s a verse:

“To love him with all your heart, with all your understanding and with all your strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself is more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.”

Mark 12:33



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