5:30a is normal now

Highschool was never seeing 5:30a
College was staying up until 5:30a
Parenthood? Up every day at 5:30a

I tiptoe into the nursery where son is crying, turn on a lamp and there he is, wide eyed and smiling. Even though it took all of my will power and a small tantrum in my head to slide out of bed it still remains my favorite parts of the day.

It’s still dark out and I put an oversized love seat in there for nursing (i might as well be comfy at all hours of the night). We play with his toys, snuggle, laugh and hum along to the songs in my head. Our days are so fast and hectic. I’m usually thinking about the next thing, never really getting to enjoy the present, but these times, early in the morning, are the times I get to have with little boy before he tuckers himself out and goes back to sleep.

And now I sit in that love seat with a snoozing boy, not wanting to leave the room for fear the older sisters are awake and ready for the day to begin so I write… And snuggle.



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